Sample Recruiting Assignments

Click on the “See More’ buttons below each case to browse the material available for that assignment on separate web pages. The cases here will illustrate the kinds of steps undertaken in a recruiting assignment. Collectively, they will outline the process. Not all of the material for any one assignment will be presented.

A Restaurant Operations Partner

Investors looking for an Operations Partner for an urban bar and restaurant they are in the process of starting up.

A Target Performance Profile

and Its Accompanying RASI (Responsible for, Accountable for, Stakeholder In, and Informed About) Chart

VP Software Engineering

A software production development firm looking to make a major transition to being a SaaS recurring revenue business model

Transform the software development team – lead the new service offering software development

Senior Leader HR: Organizational Transformation

A large, international, not for profit service organization, implementing a multiyear technology based top to bottom transformation in the way it delivers services to increase service effectiveness and reduce unit operating costs

2 roles: 1 – be the talent management work flow change strategist and 2 – implement the change as the service | operations HR leader for the largest service group – Performance Challenge Questions

The Performance Challenge Recruiting Work Done for Clients is largely confidential. At the same time, potential clients want to see examples for how this work is done.

These sample assignments are ‘sanitized’ to preserve client confidentiality.

You may use them to get insight into The Performance Challenge Recruiting Process™. However, all of this material is the copyrighted intellectual property of Roelf Woldring of The Right Talent. As a result, the download option has been turned off on these documents. If you interested in exploring them in more detail, please contact Roelf either by email or by booking a Zoom meeting with him.