People perform on the job, not resumes!

Do It For You – Customized Recruiting Service

Phase One: Recruiting Assignment Definition

1. Creating A Target Performance Profile (TPP)

    • Role Archetype Ranking and Consensus Facilitation
    • 1st Year Top 7 Performance Targets and Metrics
    • Selecting the Top 5 Performance Drives
    • Clarifying the Top 7 Technical ‘Know That | How | Why| knowledge and experience requirements
    • Outlining of proposed compensation range (salary | fee, performance bonuses if any, anticipated value of benefits and perks)
    • Defining a Candidate Sourcing Strategy

2. Crafting the Performance Challenge Survey Design (5 to 7 Questions based on TPP)

3. Crafting a Powerful Open Role Posting

The objective of this phase is to thoughtfully create a shared perspective on the newly defined, rapidly changing, or transform the organization which is shared among all of the players in the subsequent recruiting steps – hiring decision maker(s), recruiter assigned, other key organizational players.

Dialogue facilitation among these individuals is as important as the actual words on paper (or a screen) which are the result.

Potential Add On Service: Potential Candidate Research and Outreach


1. Research on potential candidates through existing staff networking, network outreach, and social media research (Linked In, Industry associations websites, etc)

2. Outreach to ‘sell’ candidate on opportunity determine, assess preliminary performance fit potential, and motivation

3. Explanation of the Performance Challenge Recruiting Process, and Invitation to complete Candidate Performance Challenge Survey – follow up on invitation

This process normally identifies between 25 and 50 possible candidates, of whom 5 to 10 may have the required performance fit and be motivated enough to complete the Candidate Performance Challenge Survey.

Phase Two: Finding High Quality Potential Top Performers

1. Open Role Posting

minimum Linked In, Indeed, potentially others (e.g.– including relevant professional associations)

2. Creating the Candidate Performance Challenge Survey in an appropriate on-line survey tool

3. Invitations to and follow up on invitations to Candidates

to complete the Candidate Performance Challenge Survey as part of Powerful Open Role Posting

or if Candidate Outreach Research is part of assignment (see below) on individual interested candidate contact

4. Review of Completed Performance Challenge Surveys submitted by Candidates – Short Report for ‘low potential candidates’, full report for potential high value candidates

5. First “In-depth Interviews with” High Value Potential Candidate to determine fit to Target Performance Profit and to confirm ‘motivation fit’ again role challenge of and planned compensation for role

6. Review of “likely fit” high value potential candidates with hiring decision maker plus any other designated key client individuals

7. Scheduling of hiring decision maker – selected ‘High Value Potential Candidates” in-depth interviews.

Also included

Resume History Verification Reference Checking  (Contracted Service)

Informal Networking Reference Checking (to the extent possible)

Follow up discussions with both Hiring Decision Maker and Candidate

8. Scheduling of any required follow-up interviews with other client individuals

Follow up discussions with both Interviewer and Candidate

9. Ranking of selected Final Candidates on potential performance fit to requirements of the job

10. Formal Reference Checking Dialogue with the Individual


 Normal Costs

Phase One: Recruiting Assignment Definition

Base price of $5000
  • Hall payable on assignment confirmation; plus GST if appropriate)
  • 2nd half – payable on delivery of Powerful Open Role Posting, plus GST when appropriate

Phase Two: Finding Potential High Quality Top Performers

15% of planned 1st Year Planned Full Up Compensation for Open Role

(Salary | Fees + Max Performance Bonus + Value of Benefits).  Minimum fee of $15,000

Potential Candidate Research and Outreach Add-on

10 % of planned 1st Year Planned Full Up Compensation for Open Role

(Salary | Fees + Max Performance Bonus + Value of Benefits).  Minimum fee of $7500

 By adding Phase Two, and the Candidate Research and Outreach add on, this service becomes the equivalent of a top of the line executive search assignment. This work is best done by a local executive search or recruiting services firm who has contacts in the area.

By basing their work on a Phase One result, their power of their capabilities is deeply leveraged. Boutique recruiters generally work ‘intuitively”. Phase One translates this ‘intuitive’ ability into explicit and shared consensus on the nature and scope of the open role across the hiring decision maker, other key organizational players, and the executive search specialist. As a result, differences who is the best final candidate is minimized. The predictive power of the recruiting processes’ ability to predict future new hire performance on the job accurately is deeply enhanced.