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Some of these blog entries are also posted the Life Long Learner Blog on The Right Talent Website. Others are pieces that deal directly with best practices around recruiting. Still others are comments on how to best address recruiting in a post pandemic, demographically shrinking talent pool world.

 Roelf Woldring

Many of these posts are scroll-able PDFs which can be downloaded for your personal use.

Recruiting is Becoming A “Sales” Job

More and more, recruiters have to ‘sell’ the job to potential candidates. This is rapidly becoming the norm. Not all recruiters are aware of this need. Not all of them will be adaptable enough to make this shift. What can your organization do to face this need?

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Leadership Dynamics are Stable Over Decades

Yes the world is changing. Technology and global business dynamics are a big factor. But the behaviors shown by both effective and ineffective leaders are not. Posts I wrote decases ago on these behaviors are as relevant today as they were then.

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Recruiting Software Stupidity

Recruiting software vendors are not stupid when it comes to software creation and diffusion. Whether or not they are as thoughtful and insight when it comes to the AI features some of them are embedding in that software is much less clear.

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Predicting On the Job Performance

Years of academic research and testimony from managers, staff satisfaction surveys, and exit interviews have made it clear an individual’s performance in a role is the result of many interacting factors. This Performance Factor Cloud means that recruiter face a tough...

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