Need to find and to hire a talented person for a new role, a rapidly changing one, or one that is accountable for transforming part or all of your organization?

The Performance Challenge Recruiting Process™

is the best way to find the right people for these roles.

 Book a discovery meeting with Roelf to explore having The Right Talent do this recruiting, or coach you or your recruiters, as you use this 21st Century recruiting process to find the right high performer for your open role.

People perform on the job, not resumes!

Download the “Recruiting Realities: Avoiding Bad Hires” E-book.

450 plus pages – visual e-book format

The State of Recruiting Survey

collects information about status of your organization’s search for the talented people you need to thrive, perhaps, even to survive.

It’s easy to complete, consisting of checklists. It takes about 10 minutes, perhaps a bit longer if you add information to the optional text boxes when you select an ‘other’ selection.

Thanks for helping us all stay up to date on what happening in our post pandemic, shrinking talent pool world.

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