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The State of Recruiting Today

Who are you?

You are an entrepreneur growing a business, or a C-Level Executive in an organization. You know your future success depends on the talented people you can hire. But recruiting is changing rapidly, especially in today’s world of endemic Covid 19 and hybrid work.

What problem are you facing?

Traditional recruiting processes no longer seem to work well for you. Key word, resume search driven job posting platforms are no longer effective at reducing the ‘resume spam’ to a few good candidates for your recruiters and you to consider. Your recruiters point to the Great Resignation as the reason for their problems. They urge you to just pay more, and all this will go away.

What do you need?

A recruiter who will get the job done, and deliver a few high quality potential candidates for you to consider.

A recruiter who will tell you the truth about what is happening in the talent marketplace, so that you can adapt and find the crucial talented people you need to satisfy your clients and to grow.

How so you want to go about this?

You are not sure. Recruiting is always something which just got done before. The biggest problems your recruiters faced was ‘resume spam’. The vendors promised you that their AI software would fix all of this. It did not. (if you are interested, go here to find out why.)

Some hard truths … 3 key things that you have do address

First, what you are ready to pay?

Talented people want to be respected. Their first test of this is the salary or contracting fee and working conditions you are ready to offer. If it does not meet their expectations, they will not apply. There is no way around this. You are in control when deciding what you will offer.

Second, how do you reach out to find qualified people?

The single most effective method remains word of mouth referrals. Rewarding your existing staff, or the people in your network, when they refer a person who you eventually hire is a great way to do this. Giving them access to a service or product may work far better than a cash reward. Make this happen in order for to improve your hiring effectiveness.

Third, you must qualify candidates effectively and efficiently…

so that you only spend time with those people are truly capable and motivated. Doing so has great payoff for you. The candidates who take you seriously benefit from it too.

What does not work?

  1. Just paying more
  2. Investing in more complex AI Based Resume Scanning Algorithms and Application Tracking Software
  3. Reviewing more resumes
  4. Hiring a Contingency Recruiter to just deliver moreresumes
  5. Hoping it will all go away …

What does work?

  1. Accepting that the days of “I will tolerate a bad boss as long as I have a job” are over.
  2. Recognizing that people want to work virtually for a lot of reasons (quality of life, reducing commuting time, having more control over their lives) and accepting that this will likely be more and more the norm
  3. Adapting your management process to take into account people who work virtually part or most of the time, if the nature of the works they do permits it
  4. Moving from backward looking performance appraisal to forward looking performance contracting to increase staff engagement and results delivery. (If you want to find out more about this, click here.)