Example Recruiting Assignment Resources

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The resources here will illustrate the kinds of documents and surveys undertaken in a recruiting assignment. Not all of the material for any one assignment will be presented.

Candidate Insight Survey (CIS) Senior Leadership Role

A Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) in a large national services organization (thousands of employees and volunteers) looking for a VP level individual to assume a HR leadership role. The new hire could potentially become the CHRO in 2 years. This example has been ‘sanitized’ to ensure confidentiality. Candidates were sent the CIS after it was created by the Recruiting Assignment Project Lead as a PDF. They were encouraged to prepare their responses in a word processing tool before copying and pasting them into an online survey tool.

Two things happened.

  1. Some candidates dropped out at this stage. From the CIS they became clear that they did not fit the role, or were no longer motivated to apply for it.

  2. Those who did apply came to the interview process prepped to deeply discussed this and the other challenges of the open role.


Example After Interaction Candidate Rating Form

The Recruting Team asked very person who interacted with a final candidate to complete this form BEFORE the person  discussed the final candidate with anyone else involved in the recruiting process. A ‘profile’ showing the impressions of all of these reactions was collated and included in the evaluation package of any final candidate considered as a possible “make an offer’ candidate.

The people who provided this information included all those who interacted with a final candidate, even if they did not ‘interview’ the candidate. The intent was to compile an impression profile based not just on the candidate’s interview behavior, but on how the individual ‘seemed’ to anyone who had more than a few minutes interaction with the candidate.

Candidate Insight Survey Review Report

When Candidate Insight Surveys  (CIS) are reviewed by the Recruiting Team, the candidate is placed into one of two categories.

1. Not a ‘high value’ potential candidate.

2. A ‘high value” potential candidate.

This example report is for a “not a high value potential candidate”. It is the minimum report. It is done for two reasons.

1. To provide a formal documentation of the reason that this person has been placed into this category.

2. To provide the hiring decision maker, who often access the person’s CIS result with insight into why this person was placed in this category.

The Performance Challenge Recruiting work done for clients is  confidential. At the same time, potential clients want to see examples for how this work is done.

These resource examples are ‘sanitized’ to preserve client confidentiality.

You may use them to get insight into The Performance Challenge Recruiting Process™.

However, all of this material is the copyrighted intellectual property of Roelf Woldring of The Right Talent.

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