People perform on the job, not resumes!

This is an example of one of the resources which are used during a Performance Challenge Recruiting assignment.

This Candidate Insight Survey is an example of what was sent to candidates identified as interested in this executive level Human Resources leadership open role by an executive search research associate. The individual was sent a PDF version of the Candidate Insight Survey by email. Such Insight Surveys are often made available as part of the role posting for less senior roles.

Internally, the CHRO who was the hiring decision maker in this case had indicated that the person hired into this role had to be capable of filling the CHRO role (Chief Human Resources Officer) within 2 years. The organization was undergoing a major top to bottom, technology upgrade based transformation. This necessity was driven the realization among the members of the executive inner circle that the organization was progressively becoming less relevant in its service sphere due to its failure to stay up to date with modern information processing technology.